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Skin Care - Rescue

Originally developed to help those who suffer from Excema, Part 1 of our skin series, our Rescue Formula is our MAXIMUM STRENGTH FORMULA without a prescription.  It was created by a physician by making custom formulas to help family, friends, and patients for over 15 years. 

Each ingredient was picked for its special properties and synergy with the other ingredients.  Over the years we have tried different versions until we found the most effective combination and concentration of ingredients.  Our Rescue cream is not a lotion.  Our Rescue cream is a lotion base filled with Essential Oils and other ingredients that we have tested and found to be effective for dry skin and eczema.  This is our most current recipe and contains the SAME CONCENTRATION of active ingredients that we have been using for our own friends and family.  We sourced the ingredients from all over the world to seek out the best qualities and effectiveness. 

Our rescue formula has been super effective on DRY CRACKED FEET, ITCHY SKIN, ECZEMA AND PSORIASIS and it has been used with many skin conditions.  One of our testimonials is from a customer who had suffered from itching hands for 12 years without relief until she tried our Rescue Cream.  Many have used prescriptions steroids and other medications with limited or no relief.  Much of our testing has been to help those who have not benefited from other products.  We recommend it for Hands, Feet and Body but it may be too strong for some faces and infants.  It can sting when first applied, particularly the 1st day or two while the skin repairs itself.  You can dilute it with your favorite lotion or use our maintenance formula for the first day or two if needed.

It is our passion to help others, and we hope that we will have the opportunity to help you enjoy your best, most healthy skin.

This is not a medication and does not require a prescription.  Its purpose is to help healthy individuals with a variety of skin types maintain healthy skin.


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