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It all started back in 2004.  While I was in medical school, a friend of mine revealed to me that she had suffered from a skin condition for several years. She described that she had tried many products, but nothing had helped her. Wanting to help her, I began researching her symptoms and learn about the products and ingredients that might help her.  Then, I made my first skincare product. I could hardly wait to hear if it would help her.  The results were promising from the beginning and with only a few adjustments to the recipe, her skin condition resolved quickly.  I was thrilled, and this was the beginning of my journey into skincare.

Consequently, I was eager to work on my own skin and hair care line and even contracted with a manufacturing company, but soon learned that pursuing a business and the rigors of medical school and residency training were not compatible.  Over the years I continued to learn about and develop skincare products to help friends, family, and patients, but it was my son’s own story that brought it all together.

My son, my barefoot child who hates shoes, also has a tendency to get heavy calluses on his feet and very deep cracks.  The day I first saw the cracks, I thought he had actually stepped on broken glass! At first, I tried soaking, pumice stones, and grinders but couldn’t keep up with the calluses.  I admit I was afraid to use the tools that look like the wood rasps that we use to shape Pinewood Derby cars.  I found some of the really potent keratolytic treatments were helpful, but they were too aggressive for use when his cracks were the most severe and could not be used frequently.  After some experimentation, I found a way to gently soften and remove the calluses and cracks.  It took less than a week to see improvement and after a week I was amazed. 

Combining the ingredients that helped my son’s feet with the ingredients I had been recommending for many years for eczema became the foundation for the Rescue and Maintenance creams.  We still use the rescue cream daily in our own home.  My wife jokingly compared me to a “Greek man with Windex” from a movie.  That made me smile because I know how excited I am to help others, how much a difference our products can make, and I want to share those benefits with everyone.  So, it is true, if you sit by me on an airplane or stand in line with me somewhere, and I am likely going to ask you, “Do you have eczema?”

Thanks for reading through this introduction.  Through this online store, we hope to introduce and share the benefits of our skincare products with many more people and to create a community.  We are working on a “Loyal Supporter” program that rewards referrals and will have inexpensive samples to encourage trying our products and sharing them with others. 

We are pleased that you have found us, and hope that you find our products to be wonderful and life-changing. We are eager to hear your story and look forward to your feedback and pictures.  


“Doctor Kev” and team.

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